Developing an early care training programme for health care professionals working with children born with orofacial clefts and/or craniofacial conditions


About this project

The development of a training package for healthcare professionals that work with children born with orofacial cleft



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European collaboration 
for the best outcomes in early cleft care

The objective is to develop a targeted training package for healthcare professionals working with children born with orofacial clefts that equips them with the knowledge and skills to make an accurate diagnosis, provide early feeding advice and undertake assessment, provide appropriate information and support to the family, and establish a structured care pathway in the early months for the children with orofacial cleft.

Individuals born with orofacial cleft occur in every European nation, across every ethnicity and socioeconomic status. At the same time, it is acknowledged at a European level that health professionals do not have enough resources or training to meet the demand. Therefore to implement a transnational training project is paramount. The partners will work together to develop a culturally adapted European training project that can be implemented even in the partner countries that have limited resources. The aim is that affected individuals in different European countries will receive equal care provision, which should be a fundamental European right.


A consortium of experts from across seven European countries are collaborating together to develop a training resource for healthcare professionals. The countries involved are Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Norway and the Netherlands.